webmeister Bud . . .

...talks for a living. ...has a face for radio. ...likes your socks. ...has a car named Rupee. ...thinks you're pretty darn cool. ...could emcee your next event. ...enjoys the cut of your jib. unique...but not like your Aunt's tuna casserole. ...enjoys long walks on the beach (with a sword) (in Hyrule) ...puts smiley faces on everything. ...stands out. ...can be found wearing gregarious orange festival hair. ...thinks you're looking GREAT today!

Bud's Weekly Geek-out

Wednesdays at 7:20 am with Dylan & Jason in The Morning Zone.

Since 2012, webmeister Bud, resident geek at The Zone @ 91-3, has edumacated Dylan Willows and Jason Lamb of The Morning Zone about the latest geeky apps, websites, big tech-related news, games, and more.

He also has plenty of tips for safe internetting, and ways to experience better living through geekery.

It’s called Bud’s Weekly Geek-out, and it can be heard at 91.3 FM in Victoria BC, or you can listen live through their website.

You can also peruse the geek-out archives, or subscribe to it as a podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your own podcatcher using this RSS feed!

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