webmeister Bud . . .

...talks for a living. ...has a face for radio. ...likes your socks. ...has a car named Rupee. ...thinks you're pretty darn cool. ...could emcee your next event. ...enjoys the cut of your jib. unique...but not like your Aunt's tuna casserole. ...enjoys long walks on the beach (with a sword) (in Hyrule) ...puts smiley faces on everything. ...stands out. ...can be found wearing gregarious orange festival hair. ...thinks you're looking GREAT today!

All about Bud

Sure, his broadcasting career launched in the drive-thru, but he’s come a long way since then.

Pirate Radio

When he was a single digit, Bud received a Mr. Microphone for his birthday.

This allowed him to send a miniscule radio signal from his bedroom to as far away as the backyard.

He backsold songs while he cued up new vinyl on his record player, then propped the orange foam windscreen against the speaker while he prepped his next break.


Donning the moniker Bob, Bud next shone in the drive-thru speaker at Saanich McDonald’s.

“Hi there, I’m BOB! Welcome to McDonald’s. What can I get for you today?”

*cue much shocked silence and/or laughter*

For his unnecessary enthusiasm, Amway attempted to recruit him into its ranks. Twice.

Your broadcast Bud

After graduating a media generalist program (long live ACP! Camosun College represent!), Bud landed a position at Victoria’s 100.3 The Q! (which would eventually birth The Zone @ 91-3 from its rib), becoming Resident Geek in 2001.

During his 25+ years in radio, he’s voiced thousands of commercials for hundreds of companies, performed as many an animated character, and instructed people all over the world in eLearning modules.

Please get in touch if he can voice for you!